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I'm a self-taught developer & designer with a love for building minimalistic websites and applications. I'm currently fascinated with building API driven Angular and React apps, emphasizing clean and simple UI/UX design. Having spent the past 8 years as a professional opera singer and developer, I have a wealth of experience working with non-profits, small businesses, and educational institutions in the performing and visual arts industries. I'm great on my own but prefer working as part of a team; not only do you learn faster, I firmly believe that discussing a problem with someone can be more efficient and create new perspectives than simply googling a solution (although I'm pretty good at that too).

I'm 31 years old, grew up in Houston, TX, and currently live in Bethesda, MD.


Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance, Loyola University of New Orleans - 2007
Master of Music in Opera Performance, University of Maryland - 2009

Professional Experience

Technical Director

Technical Director


2012 - Current

When I joined the CINE Golden Eagle Awards as a part time designer/developer in the fall of 2012, their website and content was entirely hard-coded. By late 2013, we began development on a redesigned, Wordpress multisite network. In conjunction with the organization's rebranding, I developed a custom submission and judging application, dubbed the CINE Awards System (CAS). CAS hosts all of our entry forms including payment via Stripe. Judges watch embedded videos and submit ballots. Admins can create teams, assign entries, track & review ballot data, and process Acceptance & Rejection Notifications. In 2015, DC Shorts Film Festival commissioned a variation of CAS, and I am currently developing a brand new code base focused on improving site performance and comprehensive analytics for film festivals.

Washington, DC |

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founder & CEO

Schedule Arts

Schedule Arts
2012 - 2014

While performing with Opera New Jersey in 2011, my co-founder and I started discussing ways to address widespread problems with the creation and distribution of the rehearsal & production schedules. Development officially began in February 2012 and, as the project manager and sole designer, I collaborated with some of the top universities and opera companies in the world to design intuitive and efficient interfaces. We analyzed the communication, development, and distribution channels for each organization's production schedule and devised targeted solutions for all users: administrators, artists, and tech crew alike. In addition, I worked with our lead developer to design the server architecture and deployment methods for our Drupal based application. In early 2014, we decided to cease development amidst complications with the overseas development team and our burgeoning opera careers; it was an amazing experience that served as the impetus for me to become a full stack developer.

Bloomington, IN

Junior Developer

Junior Developer

Market Hardware

Market Hardware
2010 Feb - 2010 Nov

During my time at Market Hardware (MH), though brief, I led the adoption of web fonts using @font-face and eventually Google Fonts (once it launched in May 2010). Since most of their customers were still heavy users of IE6 (55% at the time), I did my best to include at least one new web font in every site that I designed and/or built, while remaining IE6 and standards compliant. MH provided me with a solid foundation in PHP development using their in-house framework and templates, which expedited my interest in Wordpress development.

Bethesda, MD |



Inspired Revolutions

Inspired Revolutions
2007 - 2014

Inspired Revolutions was the alias for my freelance web design work, which began due to a need for a website to promote my opera career. Outside of a single multimedia course in undergrad, I was completely self taught and focused on designing and developing better websites for classical musicians, while implementing client side editors to manage content. Over the years, I've gained more interest in UX principles, Wordpress, and LAMP stack development for the purpose of developing better web and mobile apps for the performing arts.

Houston, TX



Zurb Foundation Framework

Googling answers better than most



UI / UX Design

Responsive Design



OO & Functional Programming

Stripe / Paypal APIs

Git / Subversion

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Coda2 6 years

MAMP Pro 2 years

Google Apps 4 years

Adobe CS 6 years

Slack 2 years

AWS S3 & EC2 2 years

Github / Bitbucket



+1 281 830 8805